Plan-G v3.1 for Microsoft Windows 8, 7 and Vista, FSX SP2,P3D 2.1, FS9 and X-Plane 9/10.


  • Multiple Award Winning
  • OpenStreetMaps interface
  • Supports X-Plane 9 and 10
  • Insert Snippet files and QuickSnippets into a plan
  • Show multiple VOR & NDB radials
  • Local KML & KMZ file support
  • Aircraft performance profiles
  • PDF chart viewer
  • COM/NAV Radio stack
  • Autopilot
  • Enhanced Quick Planner
  • Online VATSIM controllers and aircraft shown on map
  • English / French / German / Italian (note:  manual not yet available in French or German – coming soon)
  • Many more UI enhancements

Avsim Awardbefre13_13_medal2012_tool-300x300mh-award


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Plan-G v3.1.1.94 Pay what you like - Click on the Donate button --> :-)
Note: Manual is included in main package
* Full support for P3D v1 & v2.2
* w7/8 version requires DotNet 4.5.1. XP version requires DotNed 4.0
* v2-style Edit Mode
* JPEG chart files supported
* Uses John Allard’s Airport Diagrams. See Mutley’s Hangar for details and chart downloads
* Lots of bug fixes (details in Read Me)



What They Said

Holy S&%” – Archammer, 10Minute Taxi Podcast

It’s a really nice bit of work; simple, elegant, and functional. I’m enjoying flight planning almost as much as the flying itself now.” -Bill Womack (Plum Island, Tongass Fjords developer)

This is a beautiful looking program: I hope they really continue with this …A pretty cool program: It works really well … Awesome” – FSBreak Podcast. (Hear the review on FSBreak Issue 45 – skip to 2h05 if you don’t want to listen to the whole show.)

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