The Hypochondriac

All this week, the STC is performing Molière’s The Hypochondriac, at Abingdon’s Unicorn Theatre. Possibly to the delight of many, I’m not in this one, although I am performing my somewhat more usual role as Stage Manager. The adaptation/translation is by noted Liverpool poet, Roger McGough (probably best known for the song, Lilly the Pink – suitably apropos for this play).

It’s a cracking play, with excellent performances. If you’re anywhere near Abingdon over the next few days, I heartily recommend it. But don’t just take my word for it – here’s what Oxford’s Daily Info had to say:

Jamie Crowther directs a contemporary performance that happily murders stuffy Greek and Latin waffle, throwing ‘Lesbos’ and ‘Souvlaki’ into its speeches, features multi-lingual puns, and retains Molière’s sexual innuendos in a manner that pillows can’t always cover.

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