Torrent of Stupidity

Some arsewipe — and there really is no other word to describe them — has put Plan-G on an illegal pirate torrent. THIS IS THEFT, and it is also incredibly stupid. Why? well,

* Plan-G is free, out of my own generosity and goodwill. This torrent comes as a slap in the face and erodes my goodwill to the point where Plan-G may no longer be free.

* Even worse, I may decide that if some dickbrain is going to steal my work, I’ll just pack it in and stop development of Plan-G Not only might there be no future updates, but the existing program may be withdrawn completely. YOU will then have to explain to the entire FS community why YOUR STUPIDITY has deprived everyone of a popular and useful tool. And I hope they do to you what you deserve.

* There’s no telling what nasties this person has included in his torrent, or even what version it really is., I can tell you from 100% certainty it is not the clean up to date software that is available for download from the forum. But then, frankly, if you download it and your PC’s hard drive gets wiped or all your personal details stolen, I shall be laughing all the way to the pub. It’s your own stupid fault.

* If you are found out (and there are ways we can tell), you will be subject to a lifetime ban from the forum, with no explanation or reprieve. You also forfeit the right to product support on Plan-G or any other products I may develop.

If you bite the hand that feeds you, don’t be surprised when that hand goes away. Piracy is theft. Always. Even moreso when what you are stealing is given away free. You are stealing from me personally, and I take it personally.


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