An Accidental Cockpit

Like a lot of people, I have flight Sim set up on a PC in the back bedroom. It has a desk, and a yoke, several monitors, lots of clutter, and little space. For several years I’ve been promising myself I’d build a ‘cockpit’ of some sort, and many designs have been scribbled idly on the backs of napkins etc.

FS Rig
Flight Sim is crammed into the back bedroom

Ultimately what I settled on could be described as an over glorified monitor stand! As you can see in the picture above, my monitors currently are just resting on some unused food containers. These are not really satisfactory for a number of reasons, so combining the panel and monitor stand seemed an obvious choice.

This is not going to be a realistic cockpit — the back room still needs to be usable as a back room for one thing, and it’s really not that big. My interest in FS doesn’t really go beyond GA, and mainly light singles and twins. So from a functional requirement, the panel is mostly it.

MDF for the project was bought back in January (it’s been stashed behind the fridge…), and RC Sims in Bristol were selling off their last few remaining Simkits kits, which kinda tipped the scales.

MDF & Gauges
The first 'bits'

The kits duly arrived and I started assembling them, and scribbling pencil lines on the MDF. The kits that I have are for the altimeter, turn coordinator and VOR1. Not because these are particularly important gauges (they’re not), but simply because those are what RC Sims had. I shall have to go directly to SimKits in The Netherlands for the rest.

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