An Accidental Cockpit 5: First Screening

It’s been a long time since the last update – sorry about that. Much has happened in the meantime, and I’ll try to keep things sequential.

The biggest single expense when it came to the GPS module was the screen. 5.7″ LCD panels can’t simply be had from the local Maplins, and so it had to be specially imported, at not far off the cost of a regular full size PC screen! It comes as a kit, with the PCB and power supply (it’s easy to get the screens on their own, but those PCBs are like hens teeth! The PCB has a standard VGA monitor connector at one end, and the ribbon cables to the LCD at the other. The PSU is the standard ‘baby brick’ type.

Test fitting the LCD panel

The panel just slots into the back of the faceplate, and is held in place with four screws and washers.

Front View

I’ve spray painted the front of the facia black, with a coat of lacquer, but I don’t think it gives a particularly good finish. I need to think of something else…

Powered up

The lettering is simply done by printing onto decal paper. This then works just like the old Airfix kits – place the decal in some water, slide off the backing, and on it goes. Since I’m printing with an inkjet printer, the paper needs to be sealed with several coats of clear laquer before it goes anywhere near the water.

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