Plan-G v2.0.3 update

This is a small bug fix update, with a few minor enhancements too. The full changes list:

* Fixed Setup error if user’s PC has no C drive
* Fixed crash if imported user waypoint data has no magnetic variation
* Fixed crash on typing alpha text into plan Passing Altitude column
* Fixed crash on selecting “Start from here” in Aerodrome panel
* Fixed Plan Edid mode button did not highlight
* Fixed duplicate navaid stored in db if frequency different
* ‘Crosswind’ Runways < 50ft are now suppressed in printouts * F4 now toggles map graticule * F8 now toggles map overlays (master toggle) * F9 now toggles Plan Elevation Plot panel * Find airports dialog now allows export of airports list to csv. * Added option to automatically connect to FS on startup Download it from the forum.

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