Plan-G v2.0.5 shipping

Okay, so some of you might be wondering what happened to 2.0.4. Well, it’s like this. The version number printed on the manual is actually the version of the manual (it might shock you to know that i don’t actually write the manual myself — Peter Dodds does that. He’s much better at it than I would be.), and for a while now, the version number of the manual and the version numbr of the software have been different. Consequently I get asked “The manual says V such-and-such, but the software says V so-and-so; what am I missing?”. So, what I’ve done is jumped a number, and now both the manual and the software say V.2.0.5. Simples. 🙂

And what’s in this new version? Here’s the list:

* Fixed error decoding region ID for intersections
* Fixed error reading FSX plan if LLA string had extra spaces
* Fixed various errors with KML dialog
* Added ability to specify additional folders to search for airports etc to be added to the db
* Fixed rounding error writing lat/lon coordinates to FSX PLN could result in navaids plotted on equator or Greenwich meridian.
* Fixed owner not set on several dialogs, so they were not correctly positioned on opening
* Added checkbox to toggle Orbx kmz links
* OZx kmz links added to the list
* Fixed red line drawn from the equator (0,0) if approach added to alternate airport
* Fixed unable to delete entries from the cfg locations dialog
* Fixed various minor dialog glitches
* Version number synchronised with manual

The update checker within Plan-G should start telling current users that the update is available, and, as always it can be downloaded from the forum.

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