Avalon Airshow, and PCDU

A couple of weeks ago, the Avalon International Airshow was held at Avalon airport (YMAV), just outside Melbourne, Australia. (Two weeks ago? Heck that’s pretty up to date news for me! LOL). Steve and Grant from PCDU (Plane Crazy Down Under) were there to report on the event.

I haven’t mentioned PCDU in the blog before, although you’ll find it listed under Podcasts on the right. It’s a weekly podcast, giving an Australian slant on the aviation industry, and is well worth a listen. Or two. or fifty two. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or listen to it on their web site, or download it as an mp3. You don’t need an iPod or even iTunes to listen – any mp3 player, or PC will do.

Ok. The Avalon airshow took place at the beginning of March, over the course of a week. It’s a massive event, and is the southern hemisphere’s equivalent of Farnborough or RIAT, and like those shows is a biennial event. These short video clips will give you a flavour for this aviation awesomness.

For best results, watch in 720p full screen.

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