An Accidental Cockpit 2: The carcass is underway

As I mentioned last time, what I’m building is not any kind of replica cockpit. Rather it’s a generic instrument panel-cum-monitor stand. Since that time, me, MDF, and the Black & Decker Workmate have spent some quality time together, and the basic framework — or carcass, if you will — is now coming together quite nicely.

Initial Assembly

The panel is split into three sections, each section having its own front plate. On the left will be most of the existing GoFlight stack (less one GF-166, since the GarSim GPS530 will have a NAV/COM built in). The centre section will contain the Simkits SixPack + VOR and ADF, and on the right, RPM and MP gauges, plus the GPS unit. Each panel can be separately detached for ease of maintenance. The lid at the moment is not fixed down. I’m debating whether to have it hinged at the back (it’d require pivot hinges, which are not easy to find), screw it down, or just leave it free. Top access is certainly a bonus though.

The first in situ test fitting

Now I’m off to the haberdashers to find some black leatherette material for the covering…

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