Plan-G v3.0.6

Plan-G released a service update today, bringing the current version to 3.0.6 (build 67).

The main addition is a new Random Destination feature, based on the QuickPlan dialog. Once you have specified a start airport, press the QuickDestination button to have Plan-G pick an airport for you to fly to.
You can configure the destinations available in terms of distance, airport size, runway surface and general direction by clicking the small “Launcher” button at the base of the ribbon.


The full list of changes is as follows:

* Start Plan from here (context menu) now sets the QuickPlan From ICAO if it is not already set
* Added random destination button to Quick Plan dialog
* Added Quick Destination Options dialog accessed from Flight Plan Ribbon launcher button (sets min/max dist, runway type & length, general direction)
* Updated map control to latest version
* Fixed crash changing ADF values when connected to FS through FSUIPC
* Fixed Com frequencies missing from X-Plane airports
* Fixed some X-Plane addon airports did not show up in the database
* Fixed Build MSFS database crashed if addon contained invalid approaches
* Fixed Create User Waypoint did not show new wpt on the map until the map was refreshed
* Fixed Database Build Options dialog title was missing

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