An Accidental Cockpit 3: The postman cometh

It’s all excitement here today at Plan-G Towers. The postman has been delivering lots of goodies, and — just like Christmas — I don’t know where to start. For the cockpit, a big box has arrived from The Netherlands, containing a big stack of Simkits gauges – three ‘specific’ gauges – artificial horizon, Direction Indicator and ADF, plus a four-pack of ‘generic’ gauges, whch can be configured for a host of different things. I shall be configuring them as VSI, ASI, RPM and Manifold pressure gauges (they provide something like 74 preprinted faceplate cards, and of course you can make up your own.

The second thing that arrived was an Electroliminescent Wire lighting kit, from Surelight EL wire and tape is the ‘big thing’ in lighting, and is often attached to the underside of aircraft glare shields for instrument flood lighting. It’s actually not very expensive, and so I wasn’t going to miss out! They sell a ‘PC modding kit’, which consists of a 1.2m length of EL wire (choice of colours), inverter and USB power supply, for £15 + p&p. They have other options as well, including ‘roll your own’, but since my panel is 1.2m wide, this seemed the ideal choice. I’ll have to wait till tonight though, to see how it looks in the dark…

The third thing that arrived, was a book, from Amazon. “The Art of Flying Crooked” by Robin Liston. I’ll save that though for its own post, once I’ve read it.

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