Plan-G 3.1.1

The 3.1.1 update brings a host of improvements aimed specifically at P3D users, as well as general improvements and fixes. There is a new manual – completely revised and updated, and a separate version refitted with DotNet 4.0 for XP users.

  • Special .Net 4.0 build for WinXP users
  • New manual
  • Invalid identifiers for user waypoints now flagged in the dialog
  • Fixed errors building X-Plane database; increased logging and reporting
  • Fixed remembered path not found caused file dialogs to fail
  • Fixed mouse wheel inhibited over airspace
  • Fixed Additional Build Locations buttons missing when accessed from Build dialog
  • Fixed drag plan node onto VOR didn’t always latch onto the station
  • Fixed Open chart graphic file was case sensitive
  • Ambient Wind direction now magnetic
  • Cloudmade provider now removed from selection list, due to them no longer providing a service.
  • Mapbox subscription provider added
  • Trail Analysis line colour and width can now be specified in Settings Panel (under User Aircraft)
  • Now detects P3d (v1 & v2) exe location through registry
  • P3D scenery.cfg can specified in addition to FSX
  • Fixed P3D database not correctly identified at startup
  • Fixed Build P3D option did not activate after setting P3D executable path from within the build dialog
  • Fixed IsAnyDataLoaded failed if only P3D data was available

Plan-G 3.1.1 can be downloaded from


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