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Those of you that know me will know that I’m a big fan of podcasts in general, and a *huge* fan of aviation podcasts in particular. Mostly they come out of the USA, and only rarely from other places. Well, this week I came across an aviation podcast from much closer to home – Dear Old Blighty, or to be more precise, Barton. It’s called Flying Podcast (original title!), and I just have to tell you about it.

The presenter is Steve Cooke. he flies a PA28 from Barton Aerodrome, near Manchester (or City Airport, Manchester as it’s now properly known). The theme is General Aviation, and specifically related to the British environment. Each episode is about half an hour in length an can be downloaded directly from the site, or subsribed to in your favourite podcatcher (e.g. iTunes). This is what you can expect to hear from the first few episodes:

* An interview with Dr David Cohen, who flew a diesel-powered PA28 from the UK to Israel and back

* CAA examiner Bob Knight discusses learning to fly in the UK

* Discover microlight flying with Barton’s Mainair flying school

* Ian Reed, director of the Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, talks about the museum, the airfield and its history

* Learn about aerial photography with John Seville, an aerial photographer of many years standing

and so on. They are up to episode 22 now, so head on over there. You won’t be short of something to listen to on the commute to work and back for some time…

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