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I had a similar problem like many others for connecting to FSX with PlanG on a laptop over the network. I've setup PlanG exactly as explained in the manual but still every time PlanG was disconnected after about 20seconds because of timeout.

I've tried many of the solutions given in this forum, but what really did the trick for me was a small free utility called the "SimConnect config tool" (

Just wanting to help others with the same problem, I decided to share my knowledge...

Beautifull program by the way, thumbs up!

Thank you!
I have been struggling with simconnect connections. I loaded this app, filled in the data as requested and connected from my lap top to my PC on the first try!
You rock!


Tanks,I try this tip, and its work fine

Does anyone have something that will work on one computer??????


--- Quote from: ajmlans on December 14, 2011, 10:00:34 AM ---Tanks,I try this tip, and its work fine

--- End quote ---


I must be very stupid but I don't understand how to use and implement this tip. I'd be very grateful if you could
give more details on how to do the trick.

Thanks in advance



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