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Crash - when adding new points to the flightplan

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A few days ago I bought a brand new laptop. Windows 10 is still shining (no accumulative updates from older to newer versions) and there are no other apps installed besides X-Plane 10 and Plan-G 3.2 (the latest version available to download).

Nonetheless, sometimes (not always, but pretty often), Plan-G crashes when I try to add a new point (VOR, NDB, whatever) to my flight plan - this happens when I right-click on the map. Miraculously, the points are there when I restart Plan-G, but it is indeed a nuisance having to restart the program...

How can I help to identify the problem? I'm a newbie and don't know if there's any kind of log I could provide...

By the way: thank you very much for Plan-G. Wonderful piece of software it is!!!!



tim arnot:
There's a log in My Documents\Plan-G Files although it may not capture the actual crash. Plan-G autosaves whenever you change a plan, so it should automatically recover the data if it does crash.

That the points are in the plan does suggest that it got further than just the initial right click, so maybe the log will show how far it did get. The Windows Event Viewer will also record a stack trace for any crash, and that could be of use too.

Hi once more.

Excuse for my silence all these days, but I have been traveling abroad because of my job and have had no time at all for Plan-G!

I have found the log you talk about and attached it to this reply. I hope it helps!


tim arnot:
Thanks, that's useful. It hasn't shown what the problem is, but it's eliminated some possibilities that it isn't.
It does seem that it adds the waypoint to the plan, and it's some time after that that it crashes.
It does seem to load the flight plan fine when it restarts (from the autosave file), which shows the flight plan itself is fine.

Question: Does the problem just happen with VORs and NDBs? Can you add a second airport without it crashing?
If you open the flight plan window and select one of the legs in the plan, can you right-click the map and "Insert after" (or "Insert before" without it crashing.

Finally, there is an option in the ribbon to make a "quick plan" (the D button with an arrow through it). Here you can type the origin and destination airports and list the waypoints in between. Can you create a plan this way without it crashing? And if so, does it still crash if you later right click an item on the map?

Sorry for the extra questions, but I'm trying to understand what's going wrong.


don't worry about the extra questions!

As soon as I have 10 spare minutes, I'll check everything you talk about. However, I have to say that Plan-G doesn't crash all the time. The log I sent yesterday corresponds to a session where some crashes happened at the beginning, when I was starting to draw the plan. Then, it started working properly.

So I'm not sure about being able to reproduce the crashes. I'l try, of course.

And to finish: I have to say that this also happened when I used the previous version of Plan-G in an older computer. Looks like I'm doomed and that crashes go after me!




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