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New Plan G does not load the database

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Hi Tim,

I am running FSX successfully since a lot of time but I have troubles with the Installation of the actual Plan G;

I start with tícking on "Generate FSX data base", start the options window and fill in the pathes for the FSX programe and the scenery.cfg. Then I close the oprions Windows with OK and start the data base generation. At first it works fine but only until the 71429 air ways are written. Obviousely the System seem to hang because the line "Under Progress, please wait" stays for hours without progress.

Any idea to solve this? And yes, the installed MS.NET version is 4.7.1...
Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is the log:

Unfortunately no help  ???

Anyway I add the today´s complete log.txt and the content of the window. Maybe this may help!

Still no reply  :-[

My last attempt now!

During  the creation of the FSX database the following failure occurs: The type initializer for "ExtentPlaceholderCreator" has caused an exception. See log file for more details

Plan G cannot be used!

Please, has anyone also such a problem and/or knows how to solve this? Any support is highly apreciated!

tim arnot:
Hi Kurt,

Sorry for the delay, I've been working double shifts this week, and just didn't manage to get online.
This appears to be the problem: Die DLL "SqlServerSpatial110.dll": Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.

That's part of the SQLServer CE distribution, so it suggests something has gone wrong with that. You can reinstall it from this link:

Dear Tim,

thank you for the explanation! I will try the installation today in the evening and will report about the result!


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