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Plan-G / Re: Connecting Plan G over network (simconnect) TIP
« on: April 13, 2015, 08:48:43 PM »
I was ( still am ) having the same problems described here. After many hours of fruitless variations and configs, I gave up and tried FSUIPC/WideFS: lo and behold: it worked first time!
However, I still can't understand why SimConnect doe not work with my setup now. The funny thing is, I had it running fine with P3D v2.4. I then upgraded to 2.5 via hotif(es)...and it never worked again. Now I know everybody says in a situation like this "I didn't change anything else..." and I do know that you really cannot guarantee that...BUT it still puzzles me very much why PG stopped working. I checked and re-checked the SimConnect.xml in my P3D folder, even copied the contents from the PG manual, changed the URL, of course... checked the settings in PG... tried it on different PCs/laptops  I do not know why SimConnect cannot connect and times out.
My logfile syas the same thing as in the numerous posts here.
Can anyone help?

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