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Plan-G / Re: Plan-G v3.2.0.144 won't create FSX database
« Last post by airernie on November 02, 2017, 03:03:38 PM »
Okay.. It looks like it might have been an issue with the scenery.cfg. 

After letting SceneryConfigEditor reset area and layer numbers and reorder the file the problem seems to have been resolved.

Will let you know if anything changes..

Plan-G / Re: Plan-G v3.2.0.144 won't create FSX database
« Last post by FlyingAxx on November 01, 2017, 02:02:35 PM »
I've just installed the new version ( without having problems building the DB at all (I'm still using FSXA with 300+ enhanced airports and some missing - most of them I did myself).
Plan-G / 3.2 times out, 3-Beta works
« Last post by ananda on October 31, 2017, 09:42:08 PM »
Attached are the log files.


Hmm, I can't add two attachments. Here is the beta log:



21:35:20.8 Starting Plan-G (W7 edition), build
21:35:20.8 OS is Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
21:35:20.9 InitDataFolder
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FSX.sdf
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FS9.sdf
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_XPX.sdf
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_P3D.sdf
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_NAVI.sdf
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\UserWaypoints.sdf
21:35:20.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\MEF.sdf
21:35:21.3 Map tiles cache: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\GMap.NET\
21:35:21.4 Program in: G:\Plan-G\V3.1.4.123\Plan-G v3.1.4
21:35:21.4 Data in: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files
21:35:21.4 IsDataLoaded: FSX
21:35:21.4 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FSX.sdf
21:35:21.9 This build: 314123 Latest build: 320144
21:35:21.9 IsDataLoaded: FSX
21:35:21.9 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FSX.sdf
21:35:22.0 IsDataLoaded: FS9
21:35:22.0 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FS9.sdf
21:35:22.0 IsDataLoaded: P3D
21:35:22.0 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_P3D.sdf
21:35:22.0 IsDataLoaded: XPlane
21:35:22.0 Data Source = C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_XPX.sdf
21:35:22.1 Starting timer
21:35:22.1 DownloadCurrentMetars thread started
21:35:22.1 Metar20Z.TXT started
21:35:22.1 Metar21Z.TXT started
21:35:24.6 Initiating SimConnect connection.
21:35:24.6 Connect
21:35:24.6 SimConnect.Connect - Remote. Mode = IPv4 Server = Port = 4506
21:35:24.6 sc_OnRecvOpen Connected to FSX
21:35:24.7 Connected to sim
21:35:24.7 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:24.8 Stopping timer
21:35:24.8 StartMap
21:35:25.0 Connection string: metadata=res://*/Data.FSData.csdl|res://*/Data.FSData.ssdl|res://*/Data.FSData.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlServerCe.3.5;provider connection string='Data Source=|DataDirectory|\Data\PlanG3_FSX.sdf'
21:35:25.2 AirportsInBounds 1
21:35:25.3 HelipadsInBounds 0
21:35:25.4 AirportsInBounds 1
21:35:25.5 HelipadsInBounds 0
21:35:25.5 Transponder: 8704
21:35:25.7 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:26.7 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:27.7 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:28.7 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:29.7 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:30.0 Metar20Z.TXT done
21:35:30.8 Traffic update:63 planes
21:35:31.1 Cleanup
Plan-G / Re: Plan-G v3.2.0.144 won't create FSX database
« Last post by airernie on October 31, 2017, 01:09:42 AM »
I'l get you one in a few days.   I installed two older FSDreamTeam airports since my original message and it does appear to be working now.   

Although it now works, including the fsAerodata folders gives me inconsistent results.  In other works;  Things I expect to increase such as Airspace Boundaries, VORs, NDBs, Intersections, Airways, etc. do so, but things like Aprons and Taxiways decrease.

Perhaps that's okay.. I just want to run a few more tests.

Plan-G / Re: xp11 database fail at airways. Ver
« Last post by jockwilk on October 28, 2017, 01:29:12 PM »
Thanks Tim for your reply.

Actually all is now well. I followed advice I saw online and closed my Anti-virus temporarily while downloading and installing the latest Plan-G version again. That did the trick and I've got my beloved Plan-G up and running correctly again.

The three scenery areas are, in fact, all that appear in Scenery Library with titles. All others have ticks but no titles. I've never found a solution to this (which other people have reported) so I have to live with it. I did change the order of one of the named areas but there's no change in the Library. I should say that all areas appear in Addon Scenery in complete form.

Thank you so much for your help and especially for your wonderful program, which for me and for many others is indispensable.

Plan-G / Re: Test version * NEW 08/10/2017 *
« Last post by golfbravo on October 28, 2017, 07:10:26 AM »
Thank u very mutch Tim for these clarifications.
Plan-G / Re: No airort onfo on map
« Last post by dempsey on October 28, 2017, 12:45:09 AM »
Oh, oh, I should have thought of that  :-[ Glad you solved the problem.
Plan-G / Re: xp11 database fail at airways. Ver
« Last post by tim arnot on October 27, 2017, 09:47:36 PM »
Please check your scenery.cfg file (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\Scenery.cfg). Plan-G only seems to find 3 entries, and they are all missing their /scenery subfolder.

You can open the scenery editor in FS and make a small change (move an entry up or down in the list for example) and close down FS. This will regenerate the scenery.cfg file. Then try the database build again. If that still doesn't work, please attach the cfg file here (like you did for the log). There's no need to zip the files up though.
Plan-G / Re: Plan-G do not show me VOR & NDB
« Last post by tim arnot on October 27, 2017, 09:30:48 PM »
Please temporarily remove the PROC_SIDS folder from your FSAerodata Files\Navigation Data\P3D folder. This should allow the database to build properly. Once the database has successfully built, you can put it back. P3D should not be running for this procedure (it may stop you moving the folder)

I'll put a proper fix in for the next build.
Plan-G / Re: Plan-G v3.2.0.144 won't create FSX database
« Last post by tim arnot on October 27, 2017, 09:00:53 PM »
Please attach the log file, thanks.
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