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East to Missoula
« on: May 01, 2012, 05:19:38 PM »
Thanks to Capt.propwash(HC271CA)for starting this flight on Feb 7th, 2012, which is now completed on Apr 28th, 2012.

Thanks to all that joined in with advice and help along the way and thanks to TAC-X(Bill) for helping us keep dry across the Labrador Sea.(scenery files for aircraft carriers)

There are pics of this flight on Hover Control.

In case anyone would like to do this trip, above is the info for it. The scenery files for crossing the Labrador Sea and for the body of water between Greenland and the Faroe Islands can be found in the former posts in this thread.(HC)  Thanks to TAC-X for those.

Adak(PADK) is entered twice.
Disregard the MEF.

This flight started as a B-206 flight, but by the time we got to Wisc. we were flying mostly Chinooks. We had 10 flyers one night, but usually it was 2 to 5. Some joined in as they had time. Hooker 360 and myself flew the complete flight. NiceOne also flew the complete trip, but because of time differences he sometimes flew alone.(no slewing)

We flew 15,407.8nm. We had accumulated 130 hours by the time we started south from Alaska. My PlanG stopped recording hours. We flew mostly at 130 knots, 100 knots in high altitudes and slower for landing patterns, so at an average of 110 knots we should have had 140 hours by the time we got back to KMSO.

I think remembering back on this flight will be fun, that is, when my bum recovers!
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