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[DOWNLOAD] Plan-G V3.0.3 (build 56)
« on: March 08, 2013, 07:47:52 PM »
This is Plan-G for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP, FSX SP2, FS9. and X-Plane 10


To download: Click here.

To install: unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice, then run SETUP.EXE

To update from an earlier v3.0:
NOTE: You should make a backup of your My Documents\Plan-G Files\Data folder before proceeding. The contents will not be overwritten, but it's better to be safe. After the update you do not need to rebuild your database.

You must uninstall v3.0 before you can install v3.0.3. The uninstall procedure will NOT delete your plans or data files.

Unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice, then run SETUP.EXE

To update from 2.0 or earlier:
NOTE: If you have created user waypoints, you will need to export them, and import them into the new version. Imported waypoints will need to be reimported
If you have downloaded DEM tiles,  you will need to copy them to the new location: My Documents\Plan-G Files\DEM

You do not need to uninstall 2.0 before installing 3.0, and 2.0 can still be used afterwards. MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL 3.0 TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER THAN 2.0 TO AVOID OVERWRITING FILES.

Unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice, then run SETUP.EXE

Windows 7 & Vista users
It is suggested that you run both the setup program and Plan-G itself "As Administrator". To do this, right-click the icon and select Run as Administrator from the menu. Alternatively select Preferences for the icon, go to the Compatibility tab and check Run As Administrator. This will be a permanent setting.

It is also advised that you choose an install location away from the Program Files folder structure. This is due to Windows file permissions issues that can prevent proper operation of the software.

Elevation Profile
In order to use the Flight Plan Elevation profile feature, introduced with version 0.9.1, a suitable Digital Elevation Model (DEM) must be installed. This can be downloaded for free from the NGDC 'GLOBE' (Global Land One-km Base Elevation) website at You need to download and install a minimum of one tile to enable the functionality. You do not need to download and install every tile (no elevation data will be shown where tiles are not installed). Downloaded tiles must be placed in the My Documents\Plan-G Files\DEM folder. e.g. My Documents\Plan-G Files\DEM\f10g is the tile that covers the U.S. Eastern seaboard.


  • Added Merge menu - Opened flight plan extends the plan in memory
  • Added checks for FTX Unlisted airstrips and AIRAC bgls in MSFS database build
  • Added ability to clear user aircraft breadcrumb trail
  • Added search of Addon Scenery root folder for bgls
  • Added ability to set ILS frequency from context menu
  • Added ILS information shows in context menu and Info popup window
  • Added airspace info shows in context menu
  • Added airway info shows in context menu
  • Added flight plan now shows great circle route
  • Fixed FS locations text fields were read-only
  • Fixed Italian manual missing
  • Fixed invalid approach data written to FSX format flight plans, causing them not to open in FSX
  • Fixed could not export to FS9 if 'current sim' set to FSX
  • Fixed null reference error writing approach data sometimes
  • Fixed some invalid trail data did not load
  • Fixed unable to change breadcrumb trail colour
  • Fixed Planned elevation wrong on Elevation plot if no passing altitude

  • Added ability to increment/decrement nav & ADF radios directly in radio stack
  • Added marker now placed on map for Find Address
  • Fixed '&' character in waypoint description stopped plan from loading in FSX
  • Fixed decimal separator error exporting and importing airspace
  • Fixed breadcrumb trails not displayed if connected to FS
  • Fixed X-Track indicator in status bar did not update
  • Fixed 'Update TAS from FS' setting was ignored
  • Fixed change passing altitude now updates elevation plot
  • Fixed planned altitude in elevation plot now starts and finishes at airport elevation
  • Fixed crash sometimes when setting waypoint cross references
  • Fixed error opening some kmz files
  • Fixed X-Plane suggested wrong country for some airports (now leaves non-standard locations blank)

  • Added right-click can extend plan with temporary waypoint (and insert before/after wpt selected in list)
  • Language setting now preserved between sessions
  • Fixed drag waypoint would sometimes snap to a navaid when it shouldn't
  • Fixed Kml reader failed to load <linestring> objects
  • Fixed map repositioning in error if kml reader fails
  • Fixed X-Plane export invalid with non-English locales
  • Fixed X-Plane build database failed on undocumented runway values in some addons
  • Fixed X-Plane runway orientation incorrect in Aerodrome diagram (must rebuild db)
  • Fixed text cut off in export buttons (Italian)
  • Fixed Vatsim data error with non-english locales
  • Fixed left-click on plan marker made tooltip an orphan
  • Fixed import FSX plan failed if ISEC was invalid
  • Fixed error writing parking data with latest X-Plane dataset
  • Fixed VOR Radial render used ambient magvar not the value embedded in the VOR data
  • Fixed error reading v2 Trail files

Tim. @TimArnot