Author Topic: Plan-G Download *NEW: 3.1.2 build 101*  (Read 43409 times)

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Plan-G Download *NEW: 3.1.2 build 101*
« on: May 05, 2013, 10:50:20 PM »
To Download Plan-G, please go to the main Plan-G page on the web site and click on the DOWNLOAD link.

3.1.2 Features:
* QuickPlan dialog will now load the active flightplan for easy keyboard editing
* Override buttons to draw markers at all zooms
* Active area for user aircraft “sync” mode is now slightly smaller than the map window (should prevent the aircraft disappearing off the edge)
* Information panel now displays Lat/Lon of navaids
* Added save selection as snippet in FP list window
* Delete works across multiple selected legs in FP list window
* Support for shortcuts to airport diagram charts (allows use of STAR charts from John Allard)
* KML Multiple Geometry support (Ongoing – please report any kml files that won’t open, on the forum)

* Flight plans crossing the International Date Line drew lines right across the map
* Temperature error if temp or dewpoint < -9 degrees
* Export FS9/FSX incorrectly sets alternate as destination in header
* Crash on setting Minimums Alert sound file
* Edit Plan dragging failed if connected to FS and Update WX Local set
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