Author Topic: Plan-G problem on Networked PC **RESOLVED**  (Read 638 times)

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Plan-G problem on Networked PC **RESOLVED**
« on: April 27, 2015, 04:34:10 PM »
Plan-G on my client PC connects just fine to FSX, but it only display the map, none of the artifacts.

My FSX "server" (Deluxe+Accel+SDK) is 64 bit win7 with dedicated IP.
the "client" is older with 32 bit Win XP (ver 5.1 build 2600 with SP2) with dedicated IP.

Both systems have been set up with port 4506 and follwoing all the steps in the Plan_Gv3 Manual.pdf,
especially the networked section, the 3 simconnect files (xml, ini, cfg), folder sharing,
from the server
Client didn't want to build the databases (got hung in the "writing airports" step) so I copied the file
from the server to the client (C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FSX.sdf to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Plan-G Files\Data\PlanG3_FSX.sdf)

The client Plan-G starts up, and connects to the FSX session running on the server.
The plane starts in the correct location and tracks my flight.

But none of the airports, airport symbols, airport information shows up in the clients Plan-G window.
I do see I'm getting an error in the log file ("Could not load file or assembly 'System, Version="), would that be the problem and if so, where would I get the assembly?  (I thought my .net files were all up to date)
I've attached a picture of Plan-G on server and on client, the "programs" installed on the client and the log file.


EDIT: Oh Dopey Me.  So I downloaded and installed   .net patch  NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x86.exe  and everything works great. Sorry...  :72:
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